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is a community for anyone who wants to network, discuss and learn about new ways to leverage technology to help their organizations attract, engage and educate event attendees and association members. It’s a place where thousands of clever people gather to discuss breakthrough topics and share innovative solutions relevant to event and association professionals.

There are always emerging new ways to attract attendees and members, keep them engaged and create an environment that supports learning beyond traditional methods. Engage365 is a place that brings it all together.

Become a member today and keep up to date on the latest webinars, articles, discussions on these topics:

  • Designing for event technology
  • Persistent communities for associations and organizations
  • Using social media for marketing and engagement
  • Hybrid meetings and unconventional meeting formats
  • Social learning and educational content
  • Improving presentations and sessions
  • Strategies for membership recruiting, engagement and education

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Why Engage365?

Do you ever wish there was one place on the web to get your weekly fix of awesome ideas that can make your job easier?

We looked everywhere and couldn’t find it either. The idea for Engage365 was born from a conversation with an association professional who wanted to know where to get their information. Omnipress, creators of Engage365, were sharing about 15 people to follow on Twitter, a few LinkedIn groups to join and 10 different blogs to read, etc. Here comes the “ah-ha” moment – “who in their right mind has the time to visit all of these sites and follow all these people?”

That’s when it made sense to create a single web site that would not only aggregate all this great content, but makes it easy for people to connect through a community.

And on December 1, 2009, went live.

Who is Engage365?

Engage365 isn’t a company – it is a knowledge community  owned and run by Pathable. Pathable provides online communities and social networks for events. Engage 365 runs and operates with Pathable’s event community solution, integrating with other technologies.

At its core, Engage365 is really about the awesome contributors who allow us to share their content, and the great people who participate in the community.

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Questions or comments? Please give us a shout.

Tara Barnes – Engage365’s Leader
(866) 809-0252