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David McKnight

Attendee Contests and Crowdsourcing
Posted by: David McKnight
Monday, March 25th, 2013

WomstreetHow fun would it be to hold an online contest where exhibitors post 30-second videos of the best new products they’ll be showing at your event, and have attendees vote to select a winner? You know exhibitors would be sending emails to all their customers asking for votes – and thereby promoting your event. Maybe one of the videos would go viral in your industry and really build a buzz for your show.

And before you think this is probably too time-consuming or expensive – it’s free for non-profits, and launching a contest just takes a few minutes. Check out, a competitive social media hub I’ve recently discovered and am working with.

An online contest enables you to engage with your community and promote your event through genuine peer-to-peer action. You put up an incentivizing prize, users submit entries and the community votes on their favorites. Participants are incentivized to share to social media channels in exchange for extra votes.

A new contest creation feature allows anyone to create and monitor a contest using an intuitive contest management dashboard. Every contest can then be accessed through a unique hyperlink. WomStreet has been used to crowdsource local, regional and nationally marketed events. Learn more here:

In addition to creating buzz and interest in your event, WomStreet can also be used to really connect with your audience and discover what they value. Can’t decide on a keynote speaker? Let your attendees decide. Need to know which education topics are better for roundtable discussions vs. half-day seminars? Your industry can tell you. No surveys, no guessing the “right” answer, no additional work for your program committee – just immediate and relevant feedback using the wisdom of the crowd.

How it Works

Contests can be created around music, images or video. Organizers use their own social networks, set event dates, make rules and share prizes. Setup takes only minutes.

Once the organizer opens the site, entries can be submitted.

Voters get five votes to start, but can earn more when they share the event or entries with their own network.  As new entries come in, voters are encouraged to revisit the site and vote more for their favorites.


The new, easier-to-use self-serve model of WomStreet is free for non-profits and event organizers promoting their own events. Plus, if there are sponsorship opportunities WomStreet will help you configure online ads and share that revenue with you as the event host – essentially making this a revenue center.

Your Turn!

What are some of your ideas for leveraging this innovative solution?  I’ll start…

Have participants post videos explaining why it’s important they attend this year’s event. The winner gets to attend this year’s event free.


Invite speakers to record a five-minute session and the winner gets invited to speak.


Invite exhibitors to submit a five-minute video on how they can help attendees, and the winner gets five minutes at the opening ceremonies.

OK, now it your turn…what ideas do you have?

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2 Responses to this article

Matt Ford March 26, 2013

Hey Guys! Matt here from WomStreet. It’s great to be apart of the community. I’d love to hear your guys feedback on our platform!

I’m happy to answer any questions as well! Cheers guys, let’s create something awesome!

David McKnight March 26, 2013

We would value any feedback and comments on this exciting new way for events to create some buzz, engagement and collect ideas from members/attendees. There is a discussion in the community to post your feedback. Would really be interested if this inspires any innovative new ideas for events.

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