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Donna Sanford

Are Event Marketing and Sponsor Dashboards the Next “Big Thing?”
Posted by: Donna Sanford
Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Two interesting articles caught my eye this week. Posting links to them both today.

The first, from Julius Solaris at the Event Manager Blog, is about Event Marketing Dashboards. Julius believes these are the “next big thing” for event planners and marketers.  He writes:

“In a fragmented social media environment, being able to publish your event in one click to multiple outlets is a winner. As a social media enthusiast I can go back in time when I was managing dozens of Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, etc. and tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck came along. The benefit was immediate and adoption skyrocketed.”

The idea behind these dashboards is that you set up the marketing copy for your events, and the dashboard streams it to all the major social networks for you. “With the ever growing number of social platforms (consider Google+, Pinterest and are a few months old) we can expect the importance of event marketing dashboards to increase over the next few years,” says Solaris.

He then highlights what he calls “the five most powerful ones:”

See the whole article here.

The second article to get my attention focuses on similar services designed to connect events with sponsors. According to Mitra Sorrells at, “Planners use an online wizard that walks them through questions about the event’s purpose, location, demographics, potential media reach and social media activity.” Sponsors then search for events that meet their needs, and some services even push suggested bundles of events.

Mitra highlights five services in this article, as well:

Read the descriptions of these services here.

Great ideas, to be sure. If they can really save event planner’s time and increase revenues, they may indeed be the next big thing. The question – as with all new concepts– is whether they can live up to their hype.

Are you using any of these dashboards for social marketing or sponsor sales? Let us know here!

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