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Social Sharing with QR Codes
Posted by: Jeff Korhan
Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Today I had a conversation about QR codes with a realtor.  She had heard that QR codes weren’t going to last – that they weren’t worth the effort.If that is your understanding too, read on and I believe you will change your mind.

Will QR codes still be relevant 5 years from now?  Nobody knows – and I won’t speculate.  Nevertheless, one thing we know with certainty is that we are living in a world where technology changes daily.

So, let’s make the most of what’s right in front of us now – a technology that allows for readily sharing multi-media content on the social networks to effectively multiply the reach of our online marketing.

I have previously commented upon on Qrafter, a iPhone and iPad QR code reader (scanner) and generator in one. There are many QR code readers, and just as many code generators.  However, when you combine the two AND add social sharing, you have a killer app.

That’s what Kerem Erkan has done with the recent updates to Qrafter.

A Two Way Street

Most people recognize that QR codes bring digital content to our physical world via mobile devices.  Using Qrafter, you can send that content back to your digital communities – or just share it with a friend via an email.

Imagine you are a realtor and you have a QR code associated with a listing that links to a virtual tour.  By scanning the code you access that multi-media content.  Let’s say you aren’t in the market for a new home but know a friend who is.

Qrafter allows you to email that code to your friend.  It also allows you to share it on Twitter or Facebook, thereby dramatically expanding its reach.  If you are – or have friends that are influential, there is no limit to how far that information will travel.

It’s a two way street.

And it’s free.

When you consider the breadth of our respective social graphs, its conceivable that just one social share of a QR code could extend to reach thousands of additional prospects. You know what they say in real estate – you only need one buyer, and that potential buyer may be a friend of a friend.

I created a QR code for this site and scanned it.  One tap gives me the following screen that allows me to share that link.


Maybe you are not ready to share – or maybe you are in a subway or on an airplane and don’t have an Internet signal.  No problem.

Qrafter and a few other QR code readers will save your scan into its history.  When you are ready to share, you simply access the history and share.

Don’t forget that you can use hashtags to bookmark newly discovered links on Twitter. I was reminded of this when I discovered Qrafter automatically embeds a #Qrafter hashtag into the Twitter share feature.  You just need to add your own.

Promote Your Content

Marketing spreads your message, and there are many ways to accomplish that.  One way is to share a link on the web.

This only works if you are on the web.  Sure, you can share that link on your physical marketing materials, but it’s less likely that one will take the time to type that link into their mobile device.

If a QR code happens to be available, you significantly increase the the likelihood that your content will reach a larger audience. 

And if you yourself only have access to your mobile device, you can accomplish that with Qrafter.  Here are the options Qrafter offers for QR code that I just created.



You can also create your QR codes with online QR code generators – with Kerem Erkan and i-Nigma being two of my favorites (both work with Android). However, by creating one with the Qrafter app you avoid the potential pitfalls – such saving it in a format that provides the necessary quiet zone.

Blurring the Lines

The best way to get the most out of your QR codes is to think of them not as digital links – but as physical representations of what that link provides.  That mindset will help you to discover more possibilities for amplifying your marketing message.

If you happen to be a realtor, your QR code is the home you are selling.  A home is physical.  A link is digital. A QR code is somewhere in the middle – and closer to physical if the data behind it has been carefully planned.

QR codes are like paper money – an intangible thing that makes the acquisition of the physical product possible. 

Just because you cannot deliver the physical product does not mean you cannot bring the means for experiencing it to your potential buyer.

Now you can with Qrafter.

Qrafter is a free app, but you need to invest $2.99 for all of these features , such as generating codes.

That said, you’ll notice there are no affiliate links here.  I willingly paid for my Qrafter app, and I’m glad I did because its the only one I’ve found that is keeping pace with the changes in technology – especially in regards to where the action is.

You and I both know that’s the social networks.

To close this out I’ll offer two invaluable resources.

For beginners: How You Can Grow Your Business with QR codes.

For the QR code savvy: 5 Best Practices for a Successful QR code Marketing Campaign.

Both are articles grounded in extensive research and interviews with experts from around the world.

Let me know what you think of Qrafter.

One added bonus is the new scanner activates in less than a second. Sometimes that’s all you have to read that code!

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