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5 Apps That Can Help Event Planners
Posted by: Mariana Ashley
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

As people say over and over again, technology has changed the way we live our lives. While this phrase may be worn and tired, it is nonetheless true. Social networking and social media have done so much more than merely change the way in which we communicate with one another. The internet and internet based technology has altered the way in which we receive information.

While these technologies have affected each and every individual, certain professions and hobbies have been altered in very major ways. Among others, event planners have had to adapt the way in which they work and live. This is not to say that social media has had a negative influence on event planning, merely that it has had a significant effect on it.

Successful event planners no longer send multiple written invitations or hang posters or announcements. Events are planned, organized, and communicated through the internet. As the largest information station available, the internet is the perfect medium for event planning. These five web-based and Smartphone applications strive to help organize, develop, and disperse event information.


1. Super Planner: This application provides a wide variety of planning tools for the busy and uber organized event planner. Super Planner provides a calculator for determining the venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection, and dance floor needed. This app is an all-encompassing planning resource that takes the knowledge of event professionals and puts it in an easy to use interface in the palm of your hand.


2. MindNode: This application has a more limited distribution because it is only available for Macs and iPhones, but it is nonetheless useful. MindNode is a mind mapping device that helps you visualize you ideas. This app will help you collect, classify, and structure ideas. It can be useful in several aspects of life, but particularly with organizing and planning.


3. Pageonce: Though Pageonce is marketed as a financial planning app geared towards personal finance, it can be extremely useful in even planning as well. Pageonce helps you keep track of payments, fees, and credit cards. Using this app as a tool for organizing the business and financial aspects of event planning can be a lifesaver.


4. OotoWeb: This web application helps planners create websites for events, communicate with attendees, process payments, and gather information in one comprehensive interface. Ooto is an innovative tool that combines all aspects of event planning into one thorough application. However, because Ooto covers such a large area of services, it comes at a hefty price tag ($50+). Though, this price may be worth the vast services Ooto has to offer.


5. Event Espresso: This application offers a wide range of features, including attendee management, attendee profiles, a payment gateway, confirmation emails, custom email manager, custom post types for events, custom registration forms, customizable events, event categories, event management, event registration, and many more. Event Espresso offers several unique elements for event planning. My personal favorite is the ticket designer option. You can customize a ticket for any event that is then printable with a gravatar and barcode.

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Jody urquhart June 22, 2011

Thank you! I will check out MindNode because I love mind mapping. I love being able to see visually the interconnection of ideas.

Lisa McGrath June 23, 2011

These sound very useful! Another thing that may help you if you sell expo space is the native iPhone app from my company, a2z.

Raul Candeloro Bargueno July 15, 2011

I would include Peak Meetings in this list, from Creating Thunder:

Event Organisers March 14, 2012

Great Article, Social media has totally changed the way I do business and organize my events. Another great tool for event planners to avail of is ‘storify’ , which organizes all your social updates and feeds so you never miss a beat.

Alan P June 6, 2012

Great article, I use . They have recent released an iPhone app, bit simple but it does the job, and it’s free.

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