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Liz King

Event Camp National Conference: 85 Takeaways in 140 Characters or Less
Posted by: Liz King
Monday, February 28th, 2011

Whether you were at Event Camp National Conference In Person or virtually, you were probably overwhelmed with information, links and good people. I will be putting together a more robust version of my takeaways complete with other attendee’s comments, but wanted to get something out tonight to help recap the day. I hope you enjoy!

Chris Brogan’s Session

– Content, Community and Marketplace – @chrisbrogan We get one or two of the 3 correct, rarely all three.
– People just want to belong. We have to pay attention to that in our meeting design
– How to make people feel welcomed? Respond to them in the virtual world. Respond with true interest!
– “It’s all in the reply” on Twitter via @chrisbrogan
– Sponsors want traffic, but also to feel appreciated and valued. Get the speakers to hang out w the sponsors via @lizstrauss
– Everyone wants to be cool. I’m hearing the Cheers themesong in my head~
– The difference between audience and community is the way you face the chairs
– All the data in the world can be distributed if you can find it – use hashtags
– 5tkeawys Facilitate connectivity. Push experience over flow. Gener8 a media storm. Help ppl feel cool. Keep the party going.
– Remember that ppl come to ur event website for 2 reasons. u need to attract non registrants & provide info for attendees! Imp!!
– You event people are freaks. says @chrisbrogan YES WE ARE!
– stop, collaborate and listen! – the best advice to “ease” into sm
– Acknowledge, Apologize and Act – The best way to make up for social media “mistakes”
– People will walk away from their car keys, their wallet and even their kids. Never their phone!

Brandt Krueger’s Session

– Gearing up for the session with @brandtkrueger. More good learning to come!
– It’s ok to tweet! Says @Brandtkrueger. He even brought a great big lit sign to make sure we know!!
– What flavor of #eventprofs are you? Meeting profs? Special events? Vendors? Haha.. love it via @Brandtkrueger
– When presentations suck, most of the time, it’s because people are using technology that doesn’t need to be there
– Bad presentations are like porn. They are difficult to define, but we all know it when we see it.
– Apple Remote – Good for Apple TV, but also good for presentations. $5
– Know your technology before you walk into the room. Otherwise, stuff it in your shirt pocket. Instant lavalier!
– My Sync Pad – Check it out. Live Internet White Board – Great for presentations! @brandtkrueger
– What happens when technology fails? If you rely on it, you’re in trouble. Content will keep your message going when tech fails
– When u work on ur presentation till 4am, ur losing out on rehearsal time. Set it and forget it. Then continue 2 work on content.
– #Eventprofs: Collect ppts and presentations at least 1 wk in advance. Not for our convenience, but for the quality!
– #Eventprofs are panic managers. We live in this world so it’s our job to make it manageable. We don’t go home after the event
– Don’t use technology for technology’s sake. If you need it for note taking, take notes.
– When they leave, what do you want the audience to think, feel and do?
– When presenting, go with your strengths. There’s an app for that. Use the tools that let you be you.
– @BrandtKrueger is a fan of GOogle Chrome of presentations. It has a great full screen mode
– $10 App. Feels expensive, but it’s so worth it! Think about the cost of software. These tools r worth it!
– Try the pogo pen. Good for the iPad and helps for more exact writing
– Got lots of pics to put in ppt? Select all and click “Send to Keynote”. Life saver!
– Master slides are a great way to organize presentations. Also good for consistent branding!

Hank Wasiak’s Session

– Change the way you see change – use asset-based thinking
– Look for small shifts that build up to big changes!
– Turn that frown upside down. Go from “Don’t Honk” to “Please be quiet. If you wanna honk, there’s a fee for that”
– Asset based thinking = positive psychology?
– The deeper you look, the more you find. Look into yourself. Build competence, confidence and charisma
– Coach youself. Don’t criticize. Think of how you can learn and be aspirational.
– Admire openly and often. Who is on your Mount Rushmore? Best question – HOW did you do that?
– Whenever you go out, speak with substance, sizzle and soul!
– Every conference needs a feel-good session. This is it! @hankwasiak
– Have a positioning statement that says what your brand is, consistently deliver and communicate it clearly.
– If you hire the right people, you shouldn’t have a problem with them being open to everyone.
– Lead with company culture. Not price or promises or products.

Lindy Dreyer’s Session

– @lindydryer Content secrets from an anonymous business exec
– The link from @lindydreyer 5 Search and Social Trends for 2011 by @jaybaer
– Time for flip charts – How are you capturing content at F2F events so you can promote online? Do it with us virtually!
– No surprise here – read @mashable everyday!
– Content creators need to find ways to get onto devices and create a multi-faceted, 3D experience with consumers.
– Media costs down, engagement up. That’s an advertising model.
– Read mashable. Download instagram. Read the daily. Yelp.

Erica St Angel’s Session

– Great idea! Presentation in Choose Your Own Adventure format!
– Guarantee – You will get something stealable, shareable and ready-to-implement. Will try to capture it here
– Love Google moderator! Check it out.
– Hybrid event common pitfalls – silo’ed conversations, one-size-fits-all pricing and marketing, presenting to one audience
– Hybrid event common pitfalls – winging it, ignoring social media, no dedicated tech person or SM support for attendees
– Hybrid event common pitfalls – Not having an ambassador in the room, move on to the next thing as soon as the conference is over.
– Popular monetization methods – free, paid, sponsor, exhibitor – or combinations of any of these. I prefer freemium model :)
– Some tangible ideas (LOVE it!) Webcast sponsorships $7900 – Logos link to vendors pages
– Can we get a copy of the “Price Comparison Roundup” slide? Cannot see that at all!
– As @mitchellbeer & @asegar say, If virtual components of events cannibalize your F2F events, you’re doing something wrong.
– Is this something that people will come onsite for? If not, would they pay for it online? What are the goals of charging?
– Interesting – when doing a hybrid event, how do you account for people who are low tech?
– Measure conference satisfaction & attendee engagement (attndnce, twittr follwrs, LinkedIn, formal membrship, viewrship, ondemand)
– Only 20% response rate is acceptable for events? I would have thought more like 40%
– Gaping Void – Check it out
– The trick to having a hybrid event is to have something so cool, they want to talk about it even if they weren’t attending.
– If you haven’t seen animoto, OMG – It will change your life via @ericastangel
– Use your virtual platform before you go live. Do something like Ten Reasons To Make the Most of the Conference

Liz Strauss’ Session

– You have to get to know the stories behind the people. There’s a difference between listening and monitoring
– Listening is paying a different kind of attention. Irresistible is a strategy.
– You can’t sit for 2 days working on your business without developing good networking relationships
– Don’t use words in a way that attract the people you don’t want
– Knowing what you don’t want is as critically important as knowing what you do want
– Build your network before you need it. As @sreenet says When the plane hits the Hudson, it’s too late to learn how to tweet
– Attract the people who love you instead of spending all your time trying to attract the people who don’t care.
– Enough about me, let’s talk about you. How did you enjoy our event? What did you think of our blog? What would you like to see?
– Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. If u stay behind ur website, we’ll ignore u. Connect ppl with others & solutions
– Show ppl why they would be better off to do what you want them to.
– The reason most sales pitches don’t work is because they come too early in the relationship. They don’t match the trust built
– If they build it they will bring their friends. Not if you buil dit they will come
– Loyalty is a relationship. Community building makes long-term relationships. Love, energy, audacity and proof
– If the customer loves you, you can blow up a building and they’ll say, accidents happen

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David Frankel March 1, 2011

How do I read @mashable? Newbie here.

Jenise Fryatt March 3, 2011

Hey David! Here is the link to Mashable. You might want to bookmark it.

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